Monday, 28 September 2009

Community Spirit

Do you belong to a community?

I was thinking the other day, after a conversation with a friend, that isn't it strange how we all belong to different communities and never really know it, or there again maybe we do.
Here's an example of what I mean. As I sit typing this post I am aware that I can upload photos from my Blackberry to Facebook and Twitter, this can also be done from an iPhone or any other smartphone.

My point is that whether we use a Blackberry or iPhone or any other device for that matter we use them either because that's all we have ever used or we have asked our 'community' which is the best one. For all of us, depending on which community we are in, this can be an emotive choice.

I have an iPod which I listen to constantly, now I am not saying that my iPod is any better or worse that anything from another manufacturer but its strange that I chose that particular brand and model, I think this is all to do with communities and which one we belong to and how it makes us feel to belong to that community. There is something special about owning an iPod or an iPhone or a Blackberry and belonging to that community.

Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saachi and Saachi started a community called Lovemarks (link to site) and this is all based on making your brand 'lovable' by your clients, a fantastic concept and a great way for your clients to 'spread the word' for your company.

I would be interested to know which community you belong to?

photo credit: amsterdammed

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