Thursday, 4 February 2010

Social Networking and how fantastic it really is

I am going to start off with a story of a great dad who was, as all siblings know, the best dad in the world, well mine was!
He died on Tuesday leaving a large hole in all the remaining families’ lives but what really astonished me, unlike when my mum died about six years ago, how the likes of Facebook and blogging have played such a major part in his death and letting people know.

After dad died I put a message on Facebook and I was astonished by the response from friends, and they are friends, and sympathy I and the family received, this wasn’t possible six years ago as these types of websites were all still in their infancy or even thought of and letting large group of friends and family was virtually impossible.

Whether you think it should be used for this is obviously your opinion but just looking around Facebook and seeing how many pages there are for people who lose their lives either too soon, suddenly, in tragic or horrific circumstances or our brave service men and women give me hope that the world is better for these platforms.

Obviously as you are reading this it is something that we couldn’t have done a few years ago, well that’s not strictly true I know but getting your message out was really difficult as early bloggers found.

Social Networking is a powerful tool so use it wisely.

Anyway if this post has spurred you to write your story, or part of it at least, then set up your blog and let the world know through FB and Twitter, let me know how you go?

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