Sunday, 25 October 2009

Do you know where you’re headed as a person and a business?

Well it could be that you’re on the path that was chosen for you or it could be that you chose the path yourself. Sounds deep doesn’t it but I will explain.

I met a guy the other day who came to me with an idea, a good idea, and we talked it through in some depth and I thought here’s a guy who has a plan and will probably see it through, he seems to have the conviction and the drive, go for it I thought.

Now to me he seems to be on his chosen path, or will be soon, and that got me thinking, how do we know when we are doing what we truly enjoy or love and I think it has to be both, we as human’s need to be satisfied and content. Do you know or even care that we are doing something that we love that also brings in money and satisfaction.

I see many people who would love to do their own thing but the moral of the story is, don’t follow but lead, yes you can take a little bit here and their and then add your own ‘spin’ to it but make it yours. I think it was Tony Bennett, the great jazz singer, who said “steal from one and you’re a thief, steal from everyone and its research” a fantastic sentiment.

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