Saturday, 17 October 2009

Do we still speak to each other or not?

So how do we filter all the noise that’s out there vying for our attention with the likes of Twitter, FaceBook, blogging and all the other platforms we can ‘speak’ to each other on a meanigful level. Well I have a radical theory that maybe the time is fast approaching when meaningful conversation is best done face to face. Goodness who would have thought it?

Example, I was in Edinburgh on Thursday for a seminar…but that’s another story, let’s just say I won’t be forgetting the sat nav again!!! Anyway I had spoken to Robin a couple of times through email etc regarding some work I wanted him to do for the company and I have to say I am a little old school when it comes to working relationships, I like to shake their hand and look into their eye to get the measure of the person and if its something we can do together.

Anyway great first meeting and we will definitely be doing future projects together and I guess it will work out good for the both of us.

The point of all this is social networking is great and as a company we use it a lot plus we give clients help and advice on how to best use it for their company, not all companies benefit from it though, its not a one size fits all scenario. But at the end of the day I still think it best to meet and shake hands and my feeling is that great and meaningful relationships are always done this way…do you agree?

Photo Credit: MariSheibley


  1. Completely agree Keith - I take pride in knowing or at least briefly meeting about 80% of my "friends"... F/B, Twitter...

  2. Yeah I think it's a shame when people and businesses keep everything online, they miss so much!