Sunday, 15 November 2009

What inspires you?

I was asked a question the other day “what inspires you?” now sometimes I have to think about this one as a lot of things have inspired me over the years some of them being people, painting, music and the main one family, as without them I wouldn’t be what I am today.

But thinking about it we can all draw inspiration from lots of different places without ever really knowing it. My web background started about twelve years ago from a painting and design background and just seeing some great work really inspired me, and still does today. But I think as we all move forward on this exciting journey of ours lots of things and people will continue to inspire me and hopefully you too, if we look at it logically lots of people do great things but the web has given rise to groups having more of a say than ever before and really influencing politics and decision making, we saw the first political online vote not so long ago, and this trend will continue and you have to use it to you’re advantage in whatever it is you do.

So again I think the new pioneers really inspire me and long may it continue, let me know what inspires you?

Photo credit: nicasaurusrex

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