Thursday, 26 November 2009

Crashes and other disasters

On Monday I had the mother of all crashes, my computer not car, I have everything backed up from previous experiences but it got me thinking that if we applied this to our clients and business where would we be without a backup?

If you lost one or even two of your major clients today what would you do to replace them and have you even given any thought to it? Well it happens to all of us at some point and you have to have a ‘plan b’ in place or you are well and truly sunk!

Most small businesses run on maybe ten to thirty clients, dependent on your type of business of course, but let’s say you run a retail business my guess is that you will have a handful of ‘golden clients’ that keep returning week after week and year after year, but then disaster strikes and you get a phone call to say they no longer require your services. Panic sets in and then you think what can I do to make up that shortfall? Well in most cases you will be nurturing other ‘warm’ clients and if not you should be. Just like I back up all my content just in case, you should also have a ‘just in case list'.

You may have other ways of doing this, please let me know what they are?

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